Trash Time (free VR Game)

Hi VR players,

Have a look on a new free VR game.
It’s a game that can teach you how to recycle in a fun way. Burnt trash accumulates CO2 gas, that is one of the leading causes of global warming.

Try to save the Earth by playing as a alien robot with flexible hands, recycle trash using powerups and power tools.
The project was supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council

Download it now for free on Steam

SWAT4 Server Browser Alternative v1.81 released

swatHello my SWAT4 friends,

New version of SWAT4 SBA was released (v1.81) .

This new version is resolving the issue with inability to add new servers for some countries due to IP lock on hosting side.
However, it is using separate database. So if you want to benefit from the updated server list you have to also update the app.

You can update using automatic update or by clicking here: DOWNLOAD

RTPC v6.993 (how to update?)


New version of popular picture compressor is released.

Let’s have a look at the highlights of this version :

– Visual components were updated to optimize CPU usage
– Updated memory manager, can result in compression speed upgrade in some cases

If you have trouble updating via the application, you have to right click on the app icon and
after that select “Run as admin”.

Or you can download the updated version here for free DOWNLOAD

Inside ASUS GL703GS-E5011T – disassembly

Recently I had undergone a long odyssey purchasing a new notebook.
It took 6 months and 5 notebook tests from 4 different manufacturers to come to a conclusion.
Obviously ASUS GL703GS-E5011T won the selection.
Why ?
I will make a short video explaining the choice, however I was unable to find any pictures of inside of this particular notebook.
So I was not able to determine the exact internal configuration before the purchase.
To make things easy for any other person, I am posting pictures of disasembled notebook.

The photos show heat pipe configuration and that they are covering also the memory with the heat pipes. Additional 3rd fan blows more air into the chassis, ensuring nice stable thermals.

Watch out for the video at my youtube channel : [youtube] it will be released within few days.