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Game Over

uac3Hello my fellow gamers.

UAC was here for a long time and under my opinion it did a great job of cleaning the garbage out of many leagues.

When I started working on UAC back in 2006 I never thought it will have around 100+ users, but usage has grown up to 302.328 users over the 8 years.

Life is all about change, and after we gave it some thought we came to one conclusion.

That we have very low amount of time to work on UAC since we have our lives to live and we can not provide quality service anymore and thus we are will be closing down the service.
Please keep in mind that we are no company, only two guys who did this whole thing in their free time with no income from it whatsoever.

The service will be closed down 1.jan.2014

I want to thank all users who have donated over past years, you were the reason which made UAC possible for such a long time.

Many thanks also to those who had close relations with our small UAC staff and had provided information and help.

Most of all I want to thank Snipes and shii for their dedication and the hard job of web/db admin.

UAC3 server down ?

Hi guys,

if you are here searching for information why are pages down, you are here right.

The server is under DDoS attack, we contacted already our provider and they will conduct legal actions against the attacker(s).


update : 8.Apr 2013 @ 23:03 CEST: We are in progress of getting the server online (may take several hours), we apologize for the inconvenience.

update : 9.Apr 2013 @ 06:40 CEST: Server is parialy up, we will perform some maintenence and we expect to have the service back for today eavning.

update : 9.Apr 2013 @ 15:10 CEST: server is back online.

update : 9.Apr 2013 @ 15:55 CEST: still experiencing issues

update : 9.Apr 2013 @ 17:00 CEST: all seems to be fine

SWAT4 master server update

Hi SWAT4 players,

last 2 days I was working on solution of the main server issue, the issue itself seems much more complicated than initially anticipated.
Cooperation with GameSpy will be required to get such thing working, I will try to get in touch with them.
Once I have some results I will let you know.

But anyways I will continue to update you every 2-3 days about the progress.

If you have more info, you can contact me at dexus5(at)dexus5(dot)com

In the mean time you can sign online petition to keep swat4 alive :

and bombard GameSpy here:


SWAT4 is not dead yet !

Hello guys, some great amount of time has passed since I had made something just for SWAT4 community.

As I had noticed the SWAT4 main server is down and there are no servers in the list. That’s nothing that tragic, we can always play our beloved game however something needs to be done.

That’s why I had started work on SWAT4 server browser alternative.

You can expect regular updates about the progress every 2-3 days.