UAC4 development update (day 75)

Hello guys, another update on UAC4 development is here.
Today is day 75 of the development, thanks to our test team we had finished stage 2 of 5 from the application side development.

We did focus in stage 2 on elimination of lag in time of scaning and the results are very positive, with no lag at all even with slow computers (6 years old), we do intend tests also with 8-10 year old computers in next few days.

Stage 3 will be about user interface. I already do have a vision about very simple and user friendly interface where the user will input only the match id, nothing else. Everything will be done automaticaly.

We plan also almost all the features that were requested years ago and will be implemented in this next major version of UAC. I will give you more info in next post, stay tuned !

UAC3 server maintenance

Hello all, UAC3 server is currently under maintenance from 21.jun.2011 @ 8:01 CET.
We do not expect the maintenence to take more than few hours.
The maintenance is done due to OS update and UAC4 development.

Thank you for understanding.

[21.jun.2011 @ 13:00] – Maintenance is over, pages are now fully accessable.

UAC4 scan system information

The development does continue, and so far we had another great news for you.

UAC4 will have 8 detection systems, it means that one cheat can be found with 8 diferent ways which are totaly unrelated.

I will compare it to previous versions so you will have some idea about how much will this benefit to catching cheaters.

UAC1 – had no detection system, only screenshots
UAC4SWAT – had many game specific. I’d say that there were at least 3 usable.
UAC2 – had 3 (used from UAC4SWAT)
UAC3 – has 5 detection systems, although technicaly there are only 4.

Now with UAC4 using 8 separate detection systems will greatly raise the detection rate.

Right now we are in 1st stage of testing, we do test and optimize for speed / no lag outcome and we had done 3 separate tests which do show some interesting results. Our tests will continue from monday and I do think we can optimize it for no lag while scaning.

That’s all for this update, stay tuned for more info…

Generaly good news

UAC4 is under development that’s a good news for the non cheating players, but we are constantly looking for ways how to make the current UAC better or even reduce the cost of hosting.

At the begining of August 2011, UAC3 server will move on to new hardware with much more power and almost doubled all specs.  Strange as it sounds, it might even be for lower monthly cost of the server and give us computing power and capacity to store more screens for longer time and at the same time to deliver more functions with more speed.

This speedup will be absolutely needed for upcoming UAC4 since we plan some awesome features that will blow your mind.

I can’t give you any specific details right now since the development is in about 25% of the whole process, but be sure to hear some news in comming weeks.

[UPDATE 14.jun.2011]
Captcha was repaired, you can now register and comment.

UAC4 under development

Universal AntiCheat 3 was released about 6 months ago and it is a great successor to previous UAC2.

Since we had gathered many valuable information based on user requests and frequent questions at UAC3 forums we had decided to start working on the next generation of this wide used anticheat.

UAC4 will be focused mainly at improved detection system and user friendly interface.

Do not worry about the web page, it will stay almost the same since we intend to add few features, and possibly it will be added before UAC4 will be released.

Also if it will be possible we will update UAC3 with optimalizations that will be present within UAC4.

There is a long road ahead of us and we do not expect the development to take more than 5 months (including testing).

Stay tuned for more information in comming days.

RealTime Picture Convertor 6

Hello all,

Since there were no major issues found within the application in time of beta testing it was released for public, all users of RTPC5 will get new version message and can update to RTPC6.
If there will be any issues using RTPC6, please let me know in the news comments or contact me directly.
As before, application is made in two languages English and Slovak. More will come in near future.
You can download the full version here DOWNLOAD 1,1MB