SWAT4 Server Browser Alternative v1.80 released

swatHello my SWAT4 friends,

New version of SWAT4 SBA was released (v1.80) .

This new version packs ability to set maximum simultaneous connections when searching for servers, it will lower the chance of stuck of the search progress bar.
Default setting is 100 connections, but for some it might work best with 30 or even 500 seems to work fine. It all depends on the OS settings and your router.
There is also the chance that the issue wont go away, there are servers that are not accessible or sending errors back, there is not much to do from my side about it.

You can update using automatic update or by clicking here : diskDOWNLOAD


HzSwitchHzSwitch is a quick applcation for changing of the monitor refresh rate.
It will detect available frequencies and will let you create profiles for your applications.

This will get handy for users having 144Hz monitors that dont want to drive the VGA to the maximum while playing simple games that dont even reach 144 FPS or they simply dont support such refresh rates.

You can select your fallback default frequency in options, add profiles to each executable.
All available frequencies are listed also in quick tray popup menu where you can quickly switch them.

The application is free for download here : DOWNLOAD


Jupiteration on Greenlight

Jupiteration is a shooter game designed for virtual reality headset HTC Vive.

The game revolves around marooned space craft pilot, who has to shoot his way from hostile environment full of enemy UFO’s and large boss space crafts.
Explosions and enemy parts flying everywhere.
There are several weapons that unlock while progressing through the game, some are upgradable.
Laser pistol, Sniper gun, minigun & more.
There are several levels to complete with different environemnts and enemy types.

The game was designed ground up for VR and the best user experience.

Current support is only for the HTC Vive headset, however support for oculus touch is in reasearch.

Game is currently in ALPHA stage, and will be finished within 1-2 months.

Consider supporting my game at : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=857742499