The game is out


And it’s here.

Few days ago I had posted trailer for a game in development where I had not given away the name of the game.
And now you know.

You can download the game for free at this link : diskDOWNLOAD (220MB)
The game is called Sociopath : The path of destruction , and it was done to demonstrate functions and ability of the engine.
Which will be used for another much longer and more quality made game 🙂
There are also other plans for the engine, which will be revealed after the game is released.

Sadly the game Sociopath is only in Slovak language right now, if popular will be ported to English.

update : (13.mar.2014)  v1.05 r2
*added support for “non Slovak” OS environments
*fixed issue of “inability to return”  from pesco manual

update : (25.mar.2014)  v1.1403.24
*complete engine rebuild (& new versioning)
*solved crash on “access violation” message
*solved issues with saves
*solved issue with double items on fast click
*fixed all kinds of issues

Game in development

Hello fellow gamers, there is a lot of stuff going on right now at my “studio”.
I always wanted to make a game that can be at least mildly enjoyable, I had some free time so I had started to work on some games.
The first one will be released this month, and it will be a clasic adventure game.
Sadly it will be only in Slovak language at first.
If it gets positive “rating” lol, maybe an english re-make will be done.

Anyways here is the trailer for the game:


cogIf you have your own windows based server I am sure that there are some apps you wish to run as service.

Apps that are not designed to run as service but yet you need them to start before the user is logged in, like game servers.

This can be performed by editing registry and some experimenting but it can be time consuming.

Those times are over, you can use my DExServiceAny application for free to create service out of any application.



Game Over

uac3Hello my fellow gamers.

UAC was here for a long time and under my opinion it did a great job of cleaning the garbage out of many leagues.

When I started working on UAC back in 2006 I never thought it will have around 100+ users, but usage has grown up to 302.328 users over the 8 years.

Life is all about change, and after we gave it some thought we came to one conclusion.

That we have very low amount of time to work on UAC since we have our lives to live and we can not provide quality service anymore and thus we are will be closing down the service.
Please keep in mind that we are no company, only two guys who did this whole thing in their free time with no income from it whatsoever.

The service will be closed down 1.jan.2014

I want to thank all users who have donated over past years, you were the reason which made UAC possible for such a long time.

Many thanks also to those who had close relations with our small UAC staff and had provided information and help.

Most of all I want to thank Snipes and shii for their dedication and the hard job of web/db admin.

Game Mover, users of Steam and Origin set free


If you had purchased new hard drive and especially new SSD drive, I bet one of the first things you want to do is to transfer all your Steam or Origin games to the new drive, however their install directories can not be moved without the whole Steam or Origin.

One other way is to delete the game and “download/install” again on other hard drive, that is very time consuming and not to mention those poor souls who have slow internet connections.

And besides users have usually 60GB if not 100GB+ of games in their Steam or Origin directory and moving all of them to small SSD seems like waste of space.

This issue is all solved by “Game Mover” which is designed to move games that are installed within the Steam or Origin directory to any other location you wish, even onto network drives. You can also use “Move custom” to move any other directory you wish.

DOWNLOAD (569kb)

UAC3 server down ?

Hi guys,

if you are here searching for information why are pages down, you are here right.

The server is under DDoS attack, we contacted already our provider and they will conduct legal actions against the attacker(s).


update : 8.Apr 2013 @ 23:03 CEST: We are in progress of getting the server online (may take several hours), we apologize for the inconvenience.

update : 9.Apr 2013 @ 06:40 CEST: Server is parialy up, we will perform some maintenence and we expect to have the service back for today eavning.

update : 9.Apr 2013 @ 15:10 CEST: server is back online.

update : 9.Apr 2013 @ 15:55 CEST: still experiencing issues

update : 9.Apr 2013 @ 17:00 CEST: all seems to be fine