Kawaii-radio.net gone forever?

Kawaii-radio Player 2 IconIt seems that kawaii-radio.net was shutdown for good, at first I thought that the domain expired and anoymous_object forgot to pay the invoice, but now after 6 days of “silence” it seems it will not get back any time soon. I was unable to get some explanation why did such thing happened and since kawaii-radio player which I made, became obsolete it was removed from the download section.

If I will have some more information about the issue I will report it here for sure.

UAC development progress update

Hi all,
We decided to speed things up so we did skip some tests and progressed already to next stage.

We have implemented all 8 scan systems which are functional, and now we are working on client/server communication. We had plenty of time to play with them so we optimized their CPU usage even more.

If all goes well, next UAC might get released in very short time, I am speaking of 1-2 months.

Stay tuned!

UAC development update (day 97)

Hello guys,
Today is the 97th day since work on the UAC3 successor has started.
We had many work to do regarding server move and optimizations, nevertheless we are still moving forward with the development.
Our alpha testing group will soon get their hands on another batch of tests that will focus on the detection accuracy.
I did had personal test today, and it did perform as expected with 100% positive results. The strain put on the CPU was lowered from 11% (UAC3) to 5% (UAC4) on my PC thus I expect much less lag on older computers in time of scanning.

Oh, and we want to get rid of the numbering convention of the Universal AntiCheat, it was a bit pain to register new domain for every new version users than must change their links on pages etc., so we made it a bit easy and we will stay at : www.uac.ac for good.

Stay tuned for more info next week after our tests.


Hi guys, after we had successfully moved to our new server an unbelievable thing has happened, some “active” ┬áperson at our provider reacted on closed and resolved case and he had reinstalled our new server around 15.jul 01:00

After I woke up, and did read my e-mails with content “your server was successfully reinstalled” , I swear there was an atomic explosion above my head.

Lucky for us, the old server is still fully operational with all the data until the end of the month so we are already transfering settings & database to the new “clean” server.
We are terribly sorry for the unforseen outage but fear not, UAC will be back latest today at 17:00 CEST.

[UPDATE] : server was recovered at 15.jul 13:34 CEST to full normal operation

Untill then feel free to comment …

UAC server move

Hi folks,
In preparation for UAC3 successor, we are moving to new server.
Move will start on Thursday, 14.7.2011 at 10:00 CEST and will be finished at 12:00. During this time, UAC wont be accessible.
Old screenshots may not be accessible for several days until all of them are copied to our new server.
UAC website and connector api will not be accessible for 1-2 days depending on your DNS server update. UAC application will work normally.

New server is several times more powerful and with doubled RAM.
This will allow us to provide additional features and server side detection, post-processing and many other features planed for the UAC3 successor.

Aditionaly, from tomorrow new domain : www.uac.ac will be available for you to use with UAC3 and any other next UAC, uac3.com will expire at 18-oct-2011.

What we have in stock for ya ?

Hi guys,
I’m back with another update on the development of UAC3 successor.
This time with some detailed information.

What are the major changes ?

1) superior detection system in any way if compared to any other previous UAC
2) automatic adaptive optimization which will setup scanning system for each player depending on hardware and software setup of the computer to achieve no or minimal lags.
3) Permanent BAN , any cheating person at UAC will be permanently baned and will not be able to use our service again
4) Ability to view screenshots directly from web without any application (except browser ofc.)
5) Better backwards search system done by server, able to catch cheaters automatically even if they cheated years ago
6) even more easy GUI than before

What is in consideration of adding?

1) server side cheat kicker for dedicated servers
2) matchmaking system (rooms, with chat)
3) in-game OSD similar to one that is used in Mumble

All this and more stuff is planed to be included in to the next major version…

not enough? did we forgot on something?

Then let us know, just comment this article and I am sure if you have interesting and usable idea it will be also implemented.