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Sahara 2011

Posted: 28th August 2011 by DExUS in News
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Sahara 2011 a gathering of modern and historical military technology. Now I was at Sahara for the first time this year, and I was overwhelmed by the amount of vehicles and tanks that were present. Some of them were not functional but most of them, like 90% was fully functional in excelent condition. For everyone […]

Can’t stand the silence :S

Posted: 10th August 2011 by DExUS in News
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10 days without listening to my favorite radio station made me to rebuild the “new / old” kawaii-radio player … The new player named : Kawaii Radio Player, obviously named after our beloved radio station does support almost any radio station, sadly all good known features like requesting, IRC and rating had to be removed […] gone forever?

Posted: 6th August 2011 by DExUS in News
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It seems that was shutdown for good, at first I thought that the domain expired and anoymous_object forgot to pay the invoice, but now after 6 days of “silence” it seems it will not get back any time soon. I was unable to get some explanation why did such thing happened and since kawaii-radio […]

UAC development progress update

Posted: 4th August 2011 by DExUS in News
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Hi all, We decided to speed things up so we did skip some tests and progressed already to next stage. We have implemented all 8 scan systems which are functional, and now we are working on client/server communication. We had plenty of time to play with them so we optimized their CPU usage even more. […]