4th UAC almost here?

Posted: 14th December 2011 by DExUS in News
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Some time did already pass after I spoke about UAC4. So here are news and updates.

I did told you last time that the status is about 85% finished. Current status is about 87% , so there was almost no progress in the last two months. And why is that?

All the main major stuff is already done, detection systems are in place and working, new definition file layout and system, server – client communication. Though we miss one vital part , which is screenshot system. For testing  purposes currently UAC4 uses the same system as UAC3 which has the black/gray screen issue (BSI).

I can’t wait any longer to release UAC4, I already feel the need for several features that UAC3 is missing and UAC4 will have so we can ban cheaters forever and deliver much better detection rate. That is why I decided to continue even with the BSI. The code will be open to changes so after we will have the solution it can be added anytime.

Anyways, the new UAC4 will support games for DX9 at first  SWAT4 after that COD2 and COD4 etc… and we will add support for new games once the def file for them is finished.

So yes.. we are back on track of development!