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111My name is Dalibor Bartoš, I was born in Slovakia where I also live.

I am very interested in IT, Japanese language and culture, air-soft, electronic gadgets of any kind and parrots.

I had small computer/software company in years 2003-2007, and currently I am working as a server administrator and teaching “Game development basics” at University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius since 2019

Also owner of a small game studio named Bartoš Studio which was founded in 2017.

Since I use the computer every day for minimally 7h at work or at home, from time to time I have the need to make some tools that will help with my current work.

All my software is FREEWARE but if you like my software please consider donating, since few of the applications I had created need maintenance, administration, updates which means manpower. In other words my work and time.

Site is up since 13.03.2004.
The CMS systems were updated if they seem to be outdated, in the scope of the few years I had used phpRS, webspell and now WordPress.

If you wish to contact me about feature request, bug report or anything else related to my software feel free to contact me at :

e-mail: dexus5(at)dexus5.com