Battlefield3 single player, is it any good?

Posted: 26th October 2011 by DExUS in News
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I got the chance to see my self the single player campaign of PC version of this game for about hour and half.

So I think I really have the full picture about it now.

First of all the taste of console was everywhere “press enter to start” at main screen was just a leftover from console version and their longer loadings. However the looks of the game are way to much superior to any console version since the consoles have 6year old VGA’s in them and low RAM and yes there is a need for new box and station since the games are degraded due to outdated hardware in the consoles.

Enough about outdated hardware and let’s talk about the game, I am happy that the game did run much more faster than the BETA. With ULTRA settings I was able to enjoy all the effects with playable 30-50 fps, that is very positive. Though I was shocked that the cut scenes were done with pre rendered vids that do not look that well, it is easy to determine when do you look at pre rendered video since once you enable FPS display you see 200FPS in the cut scene and 40 in-game, but what ever it’s not a big deal.

Thing I noticed at first was the sound which is lovely. I doubt there is any other game that has so stunning and well done sound effects. The graphics, how can I put this … did not met my expectations. They are awesome, but there are so many “empty”  looking spaces, there are other AAA game titles that have more emptiness than BF3 but somehow it just did not felt right. Even the buildings that were “off scene” were looking super mega poor, once again I know that that’s not the main point but I did expect more. Now there are moments of where you go WOW, very nice done scenes with lots of action and stunning graphics, yes I did like those. Don’t know if it’s just the VGA drivers or something but the lighting was not as great as shown in the trailers.

The story seems to be ok with a bit of mystery but it felt like they took the most very good idea from COD Black Ops and used it their way, you will see what I mean once you play the game in first 5 minutes of game-play 🙂

So far so good so it seems, until now I did wrote almost only about the good things and now the bad things …

Game-play, oh good god, every single opponent that I met can be killed with one single shot from pistol and if you shoot with machine-gun they need 3-5 shots to get killed, I mean WTF! At first I thought that it is due to NORMAL difficulty, but it was all the same on HARD setting. Opponents are mega ultra stupid most of the time, just like you expect from any other FPS game, in normal setting there is almost no way to die even if you play RAMBO style, however the opponents are deadly, if you get to near them or they manage to get near to you, you can expect finding your self in a pool of blood with knife in your neck.

Progress through the levels poses almost no challenge (at least for me), it’s just strait forward, go there, kill that and get back etc… everything is guided so you can experience the game just like you would an action movie.

Final thoughts : I do beleave that this is AAA game that looks awesome and has pretty good ingame moments, however so were and will be the other FPS titles within their single player campaigns, the true power of this game will be in the multiplayer. I will get back to you with report about multi player in comming days.