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Trash Time (free VR Game)

Posted: 9th March 2019 by DExUS in News
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Hi VR players, Have a look on a new free VR game. It’s a game that can teach you how to recycle in a fun way. Burnt trash accumulates CO2 gas, that is one of the leading causes of global warming. Try to save the Earth by playing as a alien robot with flexible hands, […]

Founding a game studio

Posted: 17th January 2017 by DExUS in News
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Hello ! I am happy to inform you that I had successfully founded a humble but very ambitious game studio. We will mainly focus on games for virtual reality, centered around HTC Vive but not exclusive. There are already few games in development, they will be released coming months. First of them will be Jupiteration, […]

SWAT4 Server Browser Alternative v1.60 released

Posted: 12th May 2014 by DExUS in News
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Hello my SWAT4 friends, when I tried to play some SWAT the other day and I was looking for server I was realy pissed at my own software while searching for one. Mainly due to the slow checking of the servers. Now the issue is gone, I had re-build the whole check engine and searching […]

Game in development

Posted: 6th March 2014 by DExUS in News
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Hello fellow gamers, there is a lot of stuff going on right now at my “studio”. I always wanted to make a game that can be at least mildly enjoyable, I had some free time so I had started to work on some games. The first one will be released this month, and it will […]

Game Over

Posted: 9th September 2013 by DExUS in News
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Hello my fellow gamers. UAC was here for a long time and under my opinion it did a great job of cleaning the garbage out of many leagues. When I started working on UAC back in 2006 I never thought it will have around 100+ users, but usage has grown up to 302.328 users over the 8 […]

UAC3 server down ?

Posted: 8th April 2013 by DExUS in News
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Hi guys, if you are here searching for information why are pages down, you are here right. The server is under DDoS attack, we contacted already our provider and they will conduct legal actions against the attacker(s). update : 8.Apr 2013 @ 23:03 CEST: We are in progress of getting the server online (may […]