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UAC4 scan system information

Posted: 18th June 2011 by DExUS in News
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The development does continue, and so far we had another great news for you. UAC4 will have 8 detection systems, it means that one cheat can be found with 8 diferent ways which are totaly unrelated. I will compare it to previous versions so you will have some idea about how much will this benefit […]

Generaly good news

Posted: 10th June 2011 by DExUS in News
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UAC4 is under development that’s a good news for the non cheating players, but we are constantly looking for ways how to make the current UAC better or even reduce the cost of hosting. At the begining of August 2011, UAC3 server will move on to new hardware with much more power and almost doubled […]

UAC4 under development

Posted: 3rd June 2011 by DExUS in News
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Universal AntiCheat 3 was released about 6 months ago and it is a great successor to previous UAC2. Since we had gathered many valuable information based on user requests and frequent questions at UAC3 forums we had decided to start working on the next generation of this wide used anticheat. UAC4 will be focused mainly […]

New pages

Posted: 14th April 2011 by DExUS in News
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Hello, Since my old CMS system was not the most good looking one and pretty outdated (created in 2005) I decided to upgrade. I hope you will like the new look of my pages and have better experience surfing them. I had removed links for some of the less or unused programs, if you ever […]