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Inside ASUS GL703GS-E5011T – disassembly

Recently I had undergone a long odyssey purchasing a new notebook.
It took 6 months and 5 notebook tests from 4 different manufacturers to come to a conclusion.
Obviously ASUS GL703GS-E5011T won the selection.
Why ?
I will make a short video explaining the choice, however I was unable to find any pictures of inside of this particular notebook.
So I was not able to determine the exact internal configuration before the purchase.
To make things easy for any other person, I am posting pictures of disasembled notebook.

The photos show heat pipe configuration and that they are covering also the memory with the heat pipes. Additional 3rd fan blows more air into the chassis, ensuring nice stable thermals.

Watch out for the video at my youtube channel : [youtube] it will be released within few days.

So I bought the HTC Vive

viveSome time ago (around August 2014) I got the Oculus DK2 , and I was one of the backers of the DK1.
I had ordered my rift in March 2016, and I am still waiting for it to arrive.

Long story short, the HTC Vive came first to my shop so I bought it since I can’t wait to get my hands on some good VR.
This article is some sort of summary of my vive use experience.


Nokia 3310 Geiger Counter


So I found an old Nokia 3310 in trash at work, seems like a waste so I took it home and re-purposed it 🙂

I thought that I can put in to the chassis some of the displays that I use for arduino projects but I found out that the 3310 display can be used with arduino and the implementation is very easy due to the fact that the display has metallic pins.
After connecting the display with arduino I started to wonder what else can be done.
So one thing led to another and thus the Nokia Geiger Counter was born, if you are interested in schematics please click read more.



Geiger Counter + Gamma spectrum analyzer under 10€

999-20005P1The title of the post says it all.
But it might be very hard to imagine to build such complicated instrument with budget under 10€ but it’s possible, kind of.

I came across a circuit scheme that seemed easy to build but it was intended to be used with 8Bit A/D converter (original article).
This converter is used with parallel (LPT) port which can’t be found on modern computers.
Also the 8Bit converter offers only poor resolution of 256 levels of energy and it is hard to calibrate.

The original cuircuit consists of 3 sections, Detector, Converter & power supply.
And I decided to make it alot more accurate and a lot more easy to build.


Oculus Rift DK2 (user hints)

dk2I was one the the late backers when they had already got around 500 000$ on kickstarter so I had donated only 1$, there is no need to spit in to the ocean anyways.

Some time has passed and after I got e-mail that DK2 is for pre-order I had filled in the form and after few months I got my DK2 !
At first there were several issues and I was not able to run anything right and there were movement stuttering issues and more.
It took some time to figure out the correct actions to prevent any issues and smooth operation of the unit.
The following will be some hints for users who have issues with the Oculus Rift DK2.