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Game related software

Swat4 Colored Text Generator Last update: 04/07/2009
Description: Simple tool used to assign keys F1-F12 some colored messages that can be used ingame
downloads: 20207

Swat4 Server Info (v3.6x) Last update: 09/12/2006
Description: Tool that can be used to monitor SWAT4 servers, watch realtime player stats, send info to IRC, export stats to XLS and more.
downloads: 10299

SWAT4 Server Browser Alternative (v1.83) Last update: 29/08/2022
Description: Since the master server of SWAT4 is down from 11 oct 2012 and there is no way to search or view servers of this excelent game, this is the perfect solution for you.
downloads: 60275

PUBG Random Compound Picker (v0.96) Last update: 18/03/2022
Description: Random compound picker will pick a random compound within PUBG maps.
downloads: 492


Egg Time Last update: 22/09/2016
Description: Game for virtual reality headset HTC Vive The game revolves around simple mechanics and physics. Catch eggs in to the basket, simple? there are few twists that make the game fun, like Egg Frenzy or Egg Time a variation of bullet time. The game is released on Steam for FREE.
downloads: 1519

Trash Time Last update: 08/03/2019
Description: rash Time is a virtual reality game that can teach you how to recycle in a fun way. Burnt trash accumulates CO2 gas, that is one of the leading causes of global warming. Try to save the Earth by playing as a alien robot with flexible hands, recycle trash using powerups and power tools.
downloads: 2050

Graphical software

RealTime Picture Convertor 6 (v6.992) Last update: 18/01/2017
Description: Software for conversion and compression of images with mass processing, filters, effects and other features.
downloads: 32757


Kawaii Radio Player (v3.15) Last update: 16/07/2022
Description: Very easy to use radio player that can be used with alsmost any radio station. In years 2007-2011 it was dedicated to kawaii radio which was discontinued 1.aug.2011.
downloads: 11194


Ram Graf (v2.000) Last update: 28/12/2012
Description: Software for monitoring of RAM usage
downloads: 3553

PIN Diode Gamma Spectrum Analyzer Last update: 03/05/2015
Description: v0.1505.2 - Geiger Counter + Gamma spectrum analyzer, very simple application for gamma spectrography.
downloads: 4232

Radmon - Radex ONE 1.02 Last update: 11/02/2016
Description: Software for upload CPM from Radex ONE geiger counter from
downloads: 3151

HzSwitch (v1.02) Last update: 05/08/2017
Description: Switch your monitor refresh rate depending on the launched application. It runs in tray and you can switch the frequency even manually.
downloads: 5111

Headphone Battery Status (v1.10) Last update: 25/09/2022
Description: Software that shows battery status of several types of headphones in the windows tray area, supported headphones Logitech, Corsair, SteelSeries
downloads: 779

jpg2wav v1.0 (GUI+CLI) Last update: 26/04/2023
Description: extract WAV files from old JPG files made by HP Photosmart cameras. Contains GUI and CLI version for windows. HP C500 Photosmart, HP C618 Photosmart, HP C912 Photosmart, PENTAX EI-200 ,PENTAX EI-2000
downloads: 303