jpg2wav , really?

Posted: 26th April 2023 by DExUS in News
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I was working with an old photo camera HP C618 Photosmart, and came across a function that will allow user to record voiceover to a photo. The camera will save the voice over into the JPG, however as far as I know, only the camera is able to playback the sound, there is no desktop app for that.

So I made a little tool that will extract the sound from the JPG and save it to a WAV file, there is a windows GUI and CLI executable in the pack. DOWNLOAD

Supported cameras:

HP C500 Photosmart
HP C618 Photosmart
HP C912 Photosmart

These cameras should work just fine, since they have the same OS, however there might be some more that can be used with this tool, probably all cameras using “DigitaOS” . If you find some, let me know.