Radex ONE geiger counter

Posted: 30th January 2016 by DExUS in New software
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There is a new, cheap and practical geiger counter on the market, it’s Radex ONE from Quartarad.com.
The Radex ONE uses SBM-20 GM tube, which is very sensitive and can detect beta, gamma and xray radiation.
You can display 3 different values on the display : uSv/h , dose in uSv and CPM.
It has sound alarm which is adjustable from 0,10 to 1,00 uSv/h and also vibration alarm.
It can measure from 0-999uSv/h . which is enough for day to day use in the environment.

Unit is powered only by single AAA battery, and due to good engineering, the unit can stay ON for 6 days straight until the battery is depleted.
There is also possibility to connect the unit to PC via USB.
It can send data to the computer and with the software from Quartarad you can save graphs, change settings of the unit and upgrade the firmware.

Here is a video review of the unit.

If you want to upload the data to radmon.org,
you can use my application: diskDOWNLOAD