Raspberry Pi setup #2 : Environment setup

Posted: 14th September 2012 by DExUS in News
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In the previous post we had setup RPi’s SD card and made few optimizations that will help you to get more out of the hardware.

Today we will install few essencial applications to help you with basic tasks needed almost every day.

First of all we will select the most preffered text editor if you dont like VIM of if other is selected and you want to use VIM.

You can do that with this command : update-alternatives –config editor

Some distributions of linux for arm do not have the nice colors that identify the files and use colors.

Here are few handy aliases that you can add to .profile in your home directory.

alias ll=”ls -la –color”;
alias psg=”ps -ef | grep “;

Alias ll gets very handy because typing ls -la every time you want to get full list is very annoying  and almost every administrator uses the process list, so why not do it the easy way with grep option. However you can set your aliases how you like.

To update your time zone to correct one, use command  sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata

It is also best to add support for IPV6. Just login as root using :  sudo su

and after that run this command : echo “ipv6” >> /etc/modules and reboot.

or you just might edit the file by your self.

I know that was not much today, but next time we will setup http server with php support.