The game is out

Posted: 11th March 2014 by DExUS in New software
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And it’s here.

Few days ago I had posted trailer for a game in development where I had not given away the name of the game.
And now you know.

You can download the game for free at this link : diskDOWNLOAD (220MB)
The game is called Sociopath : The path of destruction , and it was done to demonstrate functions and ability of the engine.
Which will be used for another much longer and more quality made game 🙂
There are also other plans for the engine, which will be revealed after the game is released.

Sadly the game Sociopath is only in Slovak language right now, if popular will be ported to English.

update : (13.mar.2014)  v1.05 r2
*added support for “non Slovak” OS environments
*fixed issue of “inability to return”  from pesco manual

update : (25.mar.2014)  v1.1403.24
*complete engine rebuild (& new versioning)
*solved crash on “access violation” message
*solved issues with saves
*solved issue with double items on fast click
*fixed all kinds of issues