UAC4 scan system information

Posted: 18th June 2011 by DExUS in News
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The development does continue, and so far we had another great news for you.

UAC4 will have 8 detection systems, it means that one cheat can be found with 8 diferent ways which are totaly unrelated.

I will compare it to previous versions so you will have some idea about how much will this benefit to catching cheaters.

UAC1 – had no detection system, only screenshots
UAC4SWAT – had many game specific. I’d say that there were at least 3 usable.
UAC2 – had 3 (used from UAC4SWAT)
UAC3 – has 5 detection systems, although technicaly there are only 4.

Now with UAC4 using 8 separate detection systems will greatly raise the detection rate.

Right now we are in 1st stage of testing, we do test and optimize for speed / no lag outcome and we had done 3 separate tests which do show some interesting results. Our tests will continue from monday and I do think we can optimize it for no lag while scaning.

That’s all for this update, stay tuned for more info…