Posted: 14th September 2011 by DExUS in News
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Yesterday had Microsoft shown to us in their 3 hour long presentation what is Windows 8 about.

I was watching about 2 hours from that presentation and I did like some of the new cool features like ISO and VHD mounting, new awesome task manager, multi monitor settings and behaviour , the “up” button in directory structure etc…

There were also things I did not like at all, and that goes for the ribbon menu for the explorer (not talking about the IE) that you know from Office 2007 and newer. Also I am not a big fan of the Metro UI, even though I know that normal “user” will be happy with it  and it can be disabled. But Microsoft does really push the developers to develop apps for this UI.

There will be also alot of cloud services going on, you will be able to login to any PC with your Windows Live account and it will setup the way you like, and you will have access to all your files that are on the cloud and even on other computers or devices (phone, tablet etc.).

Generally, seems nice and usable. Anyways you can see for your self. 

Here are official links to download Windows 8 dev preview version.

Windows8 x64 64bit + dev tools DOWNLOAD  (4.8 GB)

Windows8 x64 64bit DOWNLOAD  (3.6 GB)

Windows8 x86 32bit DOWNLOAD  (2.8 GB)

For those who do not want to test it, here is the link for the presentation


I had finished testing both 32 and 64bit versions on virtual box. All worked well, except you need to set 128mb of VGA ram and intel network card to have network running. VGA drivers from the host additions are not functional yet. It did not work using MS Virtual PC at all … so , yeah… lol.

After I tested few things, and the boot-up is really 6-9 seconds long, wow … I must say, that I hate it… , mainly because of absence of START menu, inability to use desktop as it was in any other previous windows, and the Metro UI… only good for “non super users” , but do not take my words seriously try it by your self.