jpg2wav , really?

Posted: 26th April 2023 by DExUS in News
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I was working with an old photo camera HP C618 Photosmart, and came across a function that will allow user to record voiceover to a photo. The camera will save the voice over into the JPG, however as far as I know, only the camera is able to playback the sound, there is no desktop app for that.

So I made a little tool that will extract the sound from the JPG and save it to a WAV file, there is a windows GUI and CLI executable in the pack. DOWNLOAD

Supported cameras:

HP C500 Photosmart
HP C618 Photosmart
HP C912 Photosmart

These cameras should work just fine, since they have the same OS, however there might be some more that can be used with this tool, probably all cameras using “DigitaOS” . If you find some, let me know.

PUBG Random Compound Picker

Posted: 23rd September 2021 by DExUS in News
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You all know the pain of selecting the compound where you going to drop with your team.

Always arguing with your team mates about which one is the best or the most random one.

Fear not, this app will select random compound for you!
Just select the map and click “Find Random Compound” button.

You can get it from here for free : DOWNLOAD

Headphone Battery Status

Posted: 26th April 2021 by DExUS in News
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HBS icon

Some of my friends had noticed, that battery information of their Logitech G933/G935 headsets are not shown correctly within the official software provided by Logitech. Since I also use these headphones I got curious.
Found out that there are some tools made by Denis Arnst that can retrive the info from the headset at any time.
I had used his tool to create GUI for all of you to enjoy.
It shows the headphone battery status in tray area, and it’s refreshed in 5 sec intervals.
You can expect more features and updates in the future.

Supported headsets:
Corsair Void (Every version*, regardless whether Elite, Pro, HS70, Wireless or Wired)
Logitech G430
Logitech G533
Logitech G633 / G635 / G733 / G933 / G935
Logitech G930
SteelSeries Arctis 1
SteelSeries Arctis 1 for XBox
SteelSeries Arctis (7 and Pro)
SteelSeries Arctis 9
Logitech G PRO
Logitech Zone Wired

You can download the app here: DOWNLOAD

Six House Siege (Pavlov VR)

Posted: 4th February 2020 by DExUS in News
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New map available for Pavlov VR, derived from the map House from Rainbow Six Siege, you can get it for free 😀 in the workshop.

Commodore 64C, conversion to 5V Micro USB

Posted: 12th July 2019 by DExUS in News
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HRDINA – “… počítačový hry jde do světa”

Posted: 12th June 2019 by DExUS in News
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Czech band Zrní has released their album 8 years back with name:
“Hrdina počítačový hry jde do světa” (2011).
And now the album gets a game that follows the story of the Hero tht goes to the world.

The game will be available for FREE ! 26.jun.2019 at Steam, you can add it to your wish list now :