Intro to Raspberry Pi

Posted: 29th May 2012 by DExUS in News
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The waiting is over, and my unit finally arived today. I had ordered it at 29.feb.2012 around 10:00 when the servers came up after the overload shok from users which were interested in purchase.

Well if it was worth 39€ with taxes and shipment, only time will tell.

You probably shake your head now and have no idea what I talk about, you might want to have a look at or read more here. Well in short, it’s miniature 30€ personal computer with everything you might need, here are some quick specs:









CPU : ARM1176JZF-S 700 MHz  , RAM : 256MB on chip , VGA : Broadcom VideoCore IV , HDMI & cinch video output, 2X USB and 1x LAN , 1x SD CARD slot

Sure there is more , however those written above are the most important.

This computer is powered by any mobile phone charger using micro USB connector, which is excellent because I have several of them at home.  What is the computer capable of ? , well as the creator of RPi said, “it’s like computer from -10 years” however does not cost that much.

I am currently in progress of testing of this machine, looks pretty fast however in graphical mode does not seem so great, maybe drivers need to be updated. Anyways , I will be testing this unit for next few days and once I know the perfect solution for any user I will post some tutorials with links pictures etc.