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SWAT4 is not dead yet !

Hello guys, some great amount of time has passed since I had made something just for SWAT4 community.

As I had noticed the SWAT4 main server is down and there are no servers in the list. That’s nothing that tragic, we can always play our beloved game however something needs to be done.

That’s why I had started work on SWAT4 server browser alternative.

You can expect regular updates about the progress every 2-3 days.

Samsung Galaxy S3 , first day of use

There is no reason to introduce the flag ship of Samsung here, everyone knows what’s packed in and all other parameters.

What they did not tell ya is how it feels.

Now I was determined to buy the SGS3 mainly for the reason I had SGS1 , and I do love the phone. It did deliver superb service over the 2 years of use.

So this will be something like Samsung Galaxy S1 vs Samsung Galaxy S3 review.

I didn’t like S2 because it was not so round as S1 was so I didn’t upgrade year back, but S3 looks exactly like over-sized and squashed S1 🙂 .


Raspberry Pi and GPIO

I had very good time with my RPi (Raspberry Pi) computer, few days with reinstalling and testing it’s performance, however the main reason for my purchase was the available GPIO that can be used for … anything.

My application of the GPIO will be in home security.  Since the RPi will be mainly used as mumble (voice chat like teamspeak) server for my gaming purposes it will be always online and thus why not to add more functions to the home server ? 🙂

I had found old ribbon cable with MIDI PORT at one end and connector that can be used with RPi GPIO port pins on the other end. The midi connector part was cut so I got my cables and since I intend to use only 2 of the GPIO ports it does not matter that my connector is 10 pins short 🙂  The other end will go to magnetic sensors. And with use if the GPIO and RPi I can be notified anytime via e-mail if the security of my home will be breached.

Ribbon cable attached to RPi GPIO pins

You can see in the picture how does my setup look like.

Now I was looking around the net for easy GPIO access software and some suggested some weird stuff that needed just to much guff to be installed, until I found the most easy method using just shell commands.

So I got together some very easy shell script that will show the status of all the GPIO ports of RPi that were ment for such use.

And here it is :


Intro to Raspberry Pi

The waiting is over, and my unit finally arived today. I had ordered it at 29.feb.2012 around 10:00 when the servers came up after the overload shok from users which were interested in purchase.

Well if it was worth 39€ with taxes and shipment, only time will tell.

You probably shake your head now and have no idea what I talk about, you might want to have a look at or read more here. Well in short, it’s miniature 30€ personal computer with everything you might need, here are some quick specs:









CPU : ARM1176JZF-S 700 MHz  , RAM : 256MB on chip , VGA : Broadcom VideoCore IV , HDMI & cinch video output, 2X USB and 1x LAN , 1x SD CARD slot

Sure there is more , however those written above are the most important.

This computer is powered by any mobile phone charger using micro USB connector, which is excellent because I have several of them at home.  What is the computer capable of ? , well as the creator of RPi said, “it’s like computer from -10 years” however does not cost that much.

I am currently in progress of testing of this machine, looks pretty fast however in graphical mode does not seem so great, maybe drivers need to be updated. Anyways , I will be testing this unit for next few days and once I know the perfect solution for any user I will post some tutorials with links pictures etc.