Inside ASUS GL703GS-E5011T – disassembly

Posted: 23rd June 2018 by DExUS in Stuff
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Recently I had undergone a long odyssey purchasing a new notebook.
It took 6 months and 5 notebook tests from 4 different manufacturers to come to a conclusion.
Obviously ASUS GL703GS-E5011T won the selection.
Why ?
I will make a short video explaining the choice, however I was unable to find any pictures of inside of this particular notebook.
So I was not able to determine the exact internal configuration before the purchase.
To make things easy for any other person, I am posting pictures of disasembled notebook.

The photos show heat pipe configuration and that they are covering also the memory with the heat pipes. Additional 3rd fan blows more air into the chassis, ensuring nice stable thermals.

Watch out for the video at my youtube channel : [youtube] it will be released within few days.