Oculus Rift DK2 (user hints)

Posted: 5th August 2014 by DExUS in Stuff
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dk2I was one the the late backers when they had already got around 500 000$ on kickstarter so I had donated only 1$, there is no need to spit in to the ocean anyways.

Some time has passed and after I got e-mail that DK2 is for pre-order I had filled in the form and after few months I got my DK2 !
At first there were several issues and I was not able to run anything right and there were movement stuttering issues and more.
It took some time to figure out the correct actions to prevent any issues and smooth operation of the unit.
The following will be some hints for users who have issues with the Oculus Rift DK2.

1) always configure the eye settings in the Oculus Configuration Utility if you are 1st time user and if you are handing over the headset to person who has smaler or larger head than you.

I had seen it work for 3 persons correctly with the same setting but user with small head had issues seing the whole area so it had to be re-adjusted.

Also it will be best if you set the correct height of the person and gender.


2) Disable AMD’s HydraVision desktop manager if you have AMD VGA card.
For some reason apps designed for extended monitor oculus use had issues when I had enabled the desktop manager.
Also the secondary monitor (Rift) had to be rotated by 90° to display correcly.


3) Remove any backgrounds and set your desktop to pure black color if you dont want to be blinded with your desktop wallpaper which is not recognizable within oculus and eyes will only hurt.

I had tried to use static 3D picture however it was out of focus and somewhat “not ok”.

4) Here is a list of things that I had tried and looked the best. However there is low amount of content that currently supports DK2.

– Oculus Demo Scene (looks great and works great)
– CyberSpace (very cool looking but not for everyone)
– Helix rolercoaster (looks a bit bad but it has nice feel to it)
– ChillingSpace (nice space experience)
– MESS (Hatsune Miku and some others singing songs, sounds a bit low res but nice)
– OceanRift (swiming in ocean, very cool and good looking experience)
– MyNeighbourTotoro (acceptable however movement with mouse makes me dizzy)
– RedofPawsBigCrazyStupidAdventureAndAmericanPie (room created by the creator of the MyNeighbourTotoro experience)

All of them are DK2 compatible with direct mode and look and function fine, I had tried also “Kon Tiki” however it did not run always, the game decided to render on main desktop instead of the Rift randomly.

If I find something more from the DK2 demos, or some hint of use I will add updates to this article.